Blogger Outreach Service - How it can help your brand?

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Blogger Outreach Service - How it can help your brand?

Blogger Outreach Service - How it can help your brand?

One of the ways to build quality backlinks, improve your rankings and get organic traffic is blogger outreach. In this, you find and send emails to relevant and influential bloggers to promote your business and talk about your brand. You can also ask for a link placement on their blog. This helps you to promote your business to audiences with specific interests. It is an effective way to market your business and give it the right exposure. It helps your business to grow and build an online presence. In this article, you will learn about blogger outreach services.

blogger outreach service

What is blogger outreach?

Bloggers have a loyal audience that trusts them and their opinions. When a blogger shares a positive opinion about your products the readers will adapt to the same opinion. This can make an impact on your business.  

The blogger may mention you in multiple blog posts and refer others to their blog post. You can build a relationship with the bloggers which you can turn to again. You can target average bloggers who will accept your request. Bloggers usually connect to other bloggers and share each other's content. When a blogger writes about your products then the bloggers in the network will write about you too.

The process is simple: you have to find the relevant bloggers who write content related to your business, build a relationship with the blogger and request the blogger to link to your website through their blog. This helps to improve your search engine rankings and traffic.

Types of blogger outreach

There are different types of blogger outreach strategies that can be used depending on the goals:

Guest post

Find a list of blogs or authors that accept guest posts and have a ‘Write for us’ page. Find out what type of content works best for them in terms of topic, format and more. Reach out to them with your pitch. You can hire blogger outreach services to help you out. If they agree to publish your post then you will get a valuable link back to your website. 

Share requests

Find influential bloggers who are ready to share your content with their audience. You should check the type of content the blogger shares. Creating the same type of content can increase the chances of your content getting shared. You can reach out to them and send them a link to your post.

Blogger outreach a good strategy

Link requests

To get backlinks from authoritative blogs, find where your link can fit in the blogs. You can find the top 20 lists, resource pages, old blog posts and content round-ups. Reach out to them and see if they agree to add your link.


You can find bloggers who are ready to review your product or work on a video. You can reach out to them to get exposure to their audience, to get more traffic or to give a free product for a review.

Article contribution

You can contribute to articles by adding your expertise to the upcoming blog post. You can get a backlink to your website.

Why is blogger outreach a good strategy?

The main aim of blogger outreach is to find and contact authority blog owners and bloggers and request them to post content or backlinks on their blogs. This allows you to link highly relevant blogs in your niche. Blogger outreach services can help you find relevant bloggers.

Blogger outreach helps you to attract targetted visitors to your website. It allows you to leverage the popularity of the influencers to get more exposure to your website. 

There are many tools available that can help you to carry out blogger outreach efficiently. Some of the tools are BuzzSumo, Traackr, Tomoson, BuzzStream, Pitchbox and more. These tools can help to connect and engage with bloggers in your industry.

Types of blogger outreach

Benefits of blogger outreach

  • It is one of the most cost-effective ways of brand marketing. You can promote your brand by partnering with influencer bloggers in your niche. It helps to boost your content marketing strategy and SEO.
  • It can help you to expand into new markets and make your name in those markets. It can help to diversify your business and increase your chances of long-term success.
  • It helps you to reach the target audience easily and improve brand promotion. You need not try out different strategies to see what works. A blogger outreach agency can help you achieve your goals.
  • It helps you to get backlinks which are important if you want to rank higher in the search results. 
  • It helps you to promote your business on different platforms. For example, blogs, YouTube, podcasts and more.
  • It can help you establish your business as a trustworthy and dependable brand. Blogger outreach can help to put your business in front of potential customers and get endorsed by them. 
  • It is a good strategy if you are promoting a new product. You can directly promote your product to the target audience. It can help your business to grow.
  • It helps you to build a positive and working relationship with the bloggers. This can be beneficial for your brand and them. 

Does blogger outreach still work?

Yes, blogger outreach still works and it is an effective way to build relationships with influential bloggers in your industry. It helps you to get your brand in front of the target audience. It helps you to get valuable backlinks.

It is important to personalise your emails to improve the chances of getting a response. You should follow up on your emails till you get a response. You should offer something of value in return to the bloggers.


Blogger outreach helps you to build relationships with influencer bloggers in your niche. It offers your brand many benefits like improved online visibility, rankings and traffic. It is an effective strategy to promote your business. You can hire blogger outreach services to get the many benefits.