Basic and Advanced Blogger Outreach Strategies

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Basic and Advanced Blogger Outreach Strategies


Blogger outreach is the process of contacting bloggers and publishers to get your content in front of their audience. The main purpose of this is to build your audience and help your business grow. It will lead to more traffic and help to generate more leads.

Here are a few effective blogger outreach strategies that give results:

influencer bloggers

1. The first step would be to find influencer bloggers. For this you can go to AllTop which is a directory of blogs. You will get a list of blogs in your space. Next you can do a Google search for the keyword used in your industry. Search for informational keywords in your niche and find the blogs that show up in the search results. Go to related searches and you will get more blogs. Check the ‘Best of blogs’ to get the list of best blogs in your category. Use tools like BuzzSumo to find influencers.

blogger research

2. Now you will have a list of bloggers to contact. You should do blogger research before sending any emails. You can use a spreadsheet with different fields like ‘Name’, ‘Website’, ‘Social media followers’, ‘SEO authority’, ‘Average comments’ and ‘Notes’. Or you can use tools like BuzzStream.

To find social media followers you can check the most relevant social network in your industry. Use Ahrefs Domain Rating and Organic Traffic to find the site’s authority. Find the average number of comments their blogs get.

foundational relationship

3. Before you email your list of bloggers follow them on social media, comment on their content, share their content on social media and send emails to them about their work to get on their radar. This will help to build a foundational relationship.

4. You should find their contact information using their contact page or use Voila Nobert or Hunter to find the email addresses. You can also connect with them via Twitter or Facebook

5. Reach out to your bloggers to execute your outreach strategies like guest blogging, share request, link request and partnerships. Email the bloggers accordingly and tell them why you are contracting them. You should focus on a small number of bloggers with high quality outreach.

Advanced strategies

competitors backlinks profile

1. You can use advanced strategies too and expand your bloggers list with SEMRush. You can enter the name of the site into SEMRush and hit ‘Competitors’ to get a list of websites competing for the same keyword. Many of them will have good blogs to reach out to. Check out your competitors backlinks profile and reach out to quality bloggers from that list based on their Domain Authority, Organic Traffic.

View Top Sharers

2. You should create content that the bloggers want to share and you should study what the bloggers share. Create content that aligns with what the others have shared and your content also may get shared.

3. You should find people who are likely to share your content. Use BuzzSumo to find a piece for popular content in your space and hit the ‘View Top Sharers’. You will get a list of bloggers that shared that content on Twitter. If you publish similar or better content your post may get shared too.