B2B SEO Trends To Focus On In 2023

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B2B SEO Trends To Focus On In 2023


B2B companies need to implement SEO techniques to stay ahead of the competition and rank high in search results. Without SEO companies will lose out on growth opportunities. As Google updates its search algorithms SEO changes and it is important to keep up with the latest trends.

retain existing customers

B2B SEO trends

Magento store owners should implement marketing strategies to retain existing customers and attract new ones. It will also help to drive more traffic and thus increase revenue. They must research current industry trends, get information through social media and study their customer behaviour to develop a marketing strategy.

By following a few tips for your Magento store you can attract more customers and thus enhance your sales.

Algorithms match
  • Having a list of relevant keywords is important but you should also find the intent behind each keyword. Algorithms match the best content that matches the search intent. There are three main search intents: Informational, Buying and How-to.

    Informational search intent is when the user is searching a term to research the topic. Google will list articles like Wikipedia.
    Buying search intent is when the user is searching for an intent to buy. Google will list eCommerce results.
    How-to search intent is when the user is searching for how to do something. Google will list articles that answer the question.

    To know the search intent of your relevant keyword you can Google them and see what the results are. You can create similar content and your content should meet the intent to rank well.

trust indicators
  • Google uses E-A-T to evaluate the value of a web page. E is for Expertise, A is for Authority and T is for Trustworthiness. B2B companies can create authoritative and factual content, a broad content strategy that takes the customer’s journey into consideration, use trust indicators like HTTPS, certificated and contact details, build links and make clear T&C policies.

    This can help to improve your authority and rank higher for the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) pages in the search results.

SERP features
  • You can use the SERP features like rich snippets, people also ask, FAQs, image and video carousel and more. These are designed to answer search queries as quickly as possible. If your content gets pulled for any of these features then it can boost brand awareness and site traffic.

    But the problem is that these keep changing as Google algorithms change. But you should consider these options.

seamless and consistent interactions
  • Core Web Vitals play an important role and your website should be optimised for these metrics. The three most important metrics are

    Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measures how quickly the content of a page is loaded.
    First Input Delay (FID): Measures the time from when a user first interacts with the page to when the browser responds to the interaction.
    Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Refers to the number of unexpected layout shifts that occur during the page loading phase.

  • Your website should be optimised for mobile as most B2B buyers now use mobile devices. You should make sure that your website offers seamless and consistent interactions to the users irrespective of the device they use.

third-party tracking cookies
  • Google has confirmed that from 2023 the Chrome browser will disable the third-party tracking cookies. B2B companies will now need to create their own data hub for developing digital marketing plans. This can be achieved by learning about the user behaviour, monitoring online traffic and discovering the intent behind content consumption.

  • The two most ranking factors for a page are page aesthetic and page loading speed. You should optimise your website for these to offer the best page experience.

  • Google encourages websites to add the author page URLs in the article structured data. It should provide information like the content creator's occupation, name, and level of expertise. B2B site owners can create author pages that can provide references to the author's work on other websites. Authors who are seen as experts by Google will benefit by getting a higher ranking for relevant keywords when they create content.

second-largest search engine
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine and posting videos on this channel is highly recommended to get discovered. If you are using competing keywords then you should focus on creating educational videos, content that answer the questions of the users or content that may benefit larger audiences. Before creating videos you should check out what is currently ranking for the keywords you want to rank for.

  • Create content depending on where your audiences are in the sales funnel to bring in quality leads. If they are close to the decision stage in the sales funnel then create content like case studies, presentation videos, podcasts and more. Create educational content for users who are close to the top of the sales funnel and use keywords that are frequently used at the top of the funnel.

good user experience
  • A good user experience is a must to retain existing costumes and attract new ones. One of the techniques to use while creating user experience is A/B testing. It allows you to check the output of the various iterations of the same content. B2B companies can use this to create ideal user experiences.

  • The reputation of your website should be good. If the quality evaluators find any negative reviews of your website then they may just prompt Google to exclude you from the search results.

To stay on top B2B websites should focus on their user’s search intent, how their content is consumed and how users search for what they offer. You should continue to improve your user experience. You can approach a B2B SEO company to optimise your website.