9 Tips For Creating Content For B2B Businesses

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9 Tips For Creating Content For B2B Businesses


People are always searching for the products and the services the B2B businesses have to offer. By using successful SEO strategies the B2B companies can place their website in front of their audience.

B2B SEO is different because you are catering to a different type of audience.

The keywords used in the B2B businesses are industry-specific. These are the B2B SEO tips you can follow:


1. You should first determine the user's intent. This means finding out what exactly your users need that you can offer and how you can solve your user’s problems. Create a list of keywords your user may be searching for. You should also find out the long-tail keywords.

2. Once you have found your keywords you should create content that answers the questions behind those keywords. Keep the user’s intent in mind while creating the content. You should create good, useful and intent-aligned content. This is important for your SEO strategy to work.


3. You should answer the users' questions upfront. In your content write the answer to their questions first and then create your content. This will also help to get your answers on Google’s featured snippets. Educational and tactical content works best for B2B SEO.

4. You can target low search volume keywords and targeting the specific keywords can give your organic traffic a boost. Do the research and find the bottom-of-funnel keywords for your business. Create content using those keywords. Create skyscraper content using those keywords and use the middle-of-funnel keywords. As your organic traffic grows you can try out the high search volume keywords.


5. Once you are done with the keywords and content next you should use a lead generation strategy. Offer a perfect solution for your user’s problems and guide them to a simple Call-To-Action. Invite your users to try out your products for free or offer a free guide. This will place them close to the sales funnel and the user is just a step away from becoming a customer.

6. You should try to attract your customers all through the sales journey. This can be done by using the keywords that the people are entering to search and creating content around those keywords. The users may not be interested in buying but your inspiring and thought-provoking content can get them to the next step of buying.


7. The B2B marketing strategy focuses on generating quality leads. You can rank for the highly-used keywords/phrases by these leads to improve conversions. If the qualified leads find your website on top of the search results then they will be able to buy your products/services.

8. Mobile traffic is on the rise and people are using mobile to make a purchase. You should target mobile buyers. Mobile users use long-tail keywords in voice searches. You can create content to answer such queries. Your website should be mobile-friendly and it should load quickly. You should show your CTAs and contact information clearly as it works well with mobile users.

9. While building a B2B SEO strategy always keep the buyer persona in mind. Write useful and relevant content for their persona. Always optimize your content for your users rather than the search engines.