9 Blogger Outreach Tools To Improve Your Campaigns

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9 Blogger Outreach Tools To Improve Your Campaigns


9 Top Blogger Outreach Tools

leads to increased sales

Blogger outreach helps to get more traffic and this leads to increased sales and more revenue. How to get started with blogger outreach? How to implement a strategy for future outreach campaigns?

To build a blogger outreach strategy you need to understand the needs of the bloggers, set goals, find relevant bloggers, collaborate with the bloggers and measure your results.

To achieve greater success with blogger outreach you can use the following tools:


1. Pitchbox
This tool helps you to avoid the finer details that slow down the blogger outreach program. You can focus on creating connections and building partnerships with the top influencers in your space.

The main features of this tool are prospecting, scalable outreach, automated follow-up, integrating emails to clients, a relationship manager and performance reporting. This tool has many features and once you learn about each feature you will be able to use this tool for optimal guest blogging.


2. ContentMarketer.io
As the name suggests this tool is designed with content marketers in mind. The most important step in blogger outreach is ‘Connector’. This tool helps you to send customised outreach emails using your Google account.

Other features are templates, schedule and tracking. This ensures that your outreach strategy is in safe hands. Another feature is the ‘Notify’ which finds the mentions of other brand names in your post. You can notify them to attract guest posting or link-building opportunities. This is one of the best tools if you want to boost your outreach efforts in an efficient way.


3. Klear
This tool offers a simple way to find relevant contacts in your niche. You need not spend time on finding contacts instead you can spend time creating messages and communicating with those on your list.

Once you become a user you can choose your niche, discover thousands of influencers in your space and manage your contacts for guest blogging opportunities.

Once you get your results you can filter them based on the most important metric, sort them based on estimated influence and add your own data. This allows you to break down each site by link builder profiles and social influencers.


4. BuzzSumo
You can use this tool to find the top-performing content in a particular niche. Once you find the most popular content you can reach that party and make your pitch for guest blogging or link building.

Some of the important features of this tool are filtering by type, filtering by location and finding top content. Filter by type feature is used when filtering bloggers and influencers. Filter by location is used when you want to focus on one location. Find the top content lists the results by the number of social shares.


5. Tomoson
This tool helps you out if you have difficulty reaching any of the top influencers in your space. This is not a traditional blogger outreach tool but is helpful.

To start with you can type in ‘Find Influencers’ this will take you to a page to begin your search. Next, you have to type in your keyword to get a variety of results. You will get a list of influencers along with information like the website visitors, social media audience, completion percentage and total reach.

It is better to use this tool than do your own blogger outreach research as it offers a built-in audience. When you use this tool you only have to decide which influences can have the biggest impact on your business.

Ninja Outreach

6. Ninja Outreach
This tool provides a platform for users in all parts of the world regardless of language or location. This tool helps you to generate a higher response rate through your efforts.

This tool offers features like ‘Personalisation of templates’ which helps you to create emails with personalised messages, ‘Automatic email outreach’ which can track opens, clicks and replies and help you to save time, and ‘Track email statistics’ which helps you to track click-through rate, open rate and reply rate.


7. Traackr
This tool is ideal for those who want to reach influencers and build strong relationships. You can use this tool to find social media influencers in your space. Once you reach out you can manage your relationship and track the impact each one has on your business.

Blogger outreach requires time and there is no guarantee of success therefore you should make the most out of the contacts you have. This tool will help you understand what is working and what is not working for you. You can tweak your approach in the future so that your efforts get you results.

One of the top features of this tool is that it gives a score to each influencer based on reach and relevance. Other features are tracking conversions and importing existing contacts and many filtering options.


8. BuzzStream
This tool allows you to research influencers and manage your relationships. It allows you to carry out blogger outreach activities in a personalised and efficient way. This tool has a large consumer base due to its unique features.

As you browse you can add new bloggers, link-building profiles and social media profiles to your account with a click of a mouse. This tool allows you to save a variety of information for future use.

One of its top features is that it allows automatically researching influencers without losing efficiency or effectiveness. This tool helps you to streamline many steps of the outreach process.

After loading the custom list of URLs, this tool will automatically scan each website and discover and record information, social metrics, traffic statistics and more.

Process for smooth B2B SEO

9. Inkybee
This tool follows a simple method for blogger outreach. You can use this tool in every phase of the blogger outreach strategy. Whether you want content information or want to reach out to influencers this tool will offer you a high level of service.

One of its features is ‘Ongoing Blog Discovery’ which scans the internet to find blogs in your niche and shows additional influencer opportunities to target the outreach campaign.

This tool is superfast and returns thousands of results which is a lot to develop your link-building opportunities. Results can be refined to find the right group of influencers. This tool is a favourite among online marketers.

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