8 Tips to Improve User Experience and Boost Google Ranking

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8 Tips to Improve User Experience and Boost Google Ranking


User Behaviour Affect

Google has included the user feedback signals in the ranking factors and now the rankings depend on the user behaviour too. Here is how the user behaviour can affect SEO rankings:


1. Click Thru Rate (CTR)

Click through rate is a metric which can be calculated by dividing the number of people who have clicked on an element by the total visitors of a page. It is influenced by the search position.

People click on the top of the results. If your position is at the bottom then you will get a lower CTR. According to a study 33% of the internet users click on the first result.


2. Long Click

The long click means users clicking on a search result and staying there for a long time. This means that the users are satisfied with their experience in your page.

Long clicks positively influence your rankings. Use relevant keywords and content on your website.

Short clicks

3. Short Click

The short click means the user is going back and forth between results and this indicates their dissatisfaction.

Short clicks negatively impact your rankings. Show important and relevant information to the users prominently on the landing page so that they easily find what they need.

organic traffic

4. Landing Page

Landing page is the page the searchers enter your website from. You can identify your landing pages and the search term the user entered through using Google search Console.

You can optimize your landing pages based on user intent. The more landing pages the users discover on your site the more Google will reward you with organic traffic.

exit pages

5. Exit Page

Exit pages are the final pages within a user’s visit. High exit rate means that the users are exiting your page without taking action.

You should aim to lead your visitors to other relevant and important pages and retain them as the user behaviour data on the site is tracked and recorded.


6. CTR Optimization

You rank higher in the search results if people click on your content. You should create click-worthy headlines, meta description and more.

Creating engaging and fresh content is important for rankings. One of the most important user-behaviour influencers is updating the content regularly.


7. Pop Up's

If the website uses distracting pop-ups then it can make the user bounce back. If the user is not happy with the content then the user will hit the back button.

If many people do it, the search engine will assume that the page is not valuable.

Load Time

8. Load Time

If the user clicks on the site and the site loads slowly then the user may bounce back. Having a quick load speed will attract users.

Site speed is a ranking factor. Use Google page speed tool to identify your website performance and try to get the best score on mobile and desktop.