7 SEO Benefits Of WordPress For Blogging

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7 SEO Benefits Of WordPress For Blogging

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SEO Benefits of WordPress for Blogging


If you need good traffic and sales then you should start blogging. SEO helps you to optimize every page of your website and blog and drive more traffic from the search engines thus improving your sales.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps you to optimise your website and boost the rankings of your blogs in the SERPs. One of the best CMS (Content Management Systems) is WordPress if SEO is important for you. The main advantage of WordPress CMS is that it is built for SEO-friendliness.

WordPress has many features and benefits that make it one of the best CMS for building SEO-friendly websites and blogs. You can approach a WordPress SEO agency to build an optimised website and get the benefits.

These are the advantages of having a WordPress website and using it as a blogging platform:

web development and SEO

One of the most significant advantages of WordPress is that you can easily change the theme and the design without requiring you to have any coding knowledge. Even non-technical users can easily make the changes. You can change the theme to match it with the type of content and also if it is outdated.

WordPress is open source and has clean code, unlike other content management systems. It is free and convenient to use and meets all the standards of web development and SEO. It has a large number of themes and plugins that can make your blogging experience easily customisable. It also has themes that support a responsive design and you can use these themes to make your website mobile-friendly.

RankMath WordPress SEO plugin

One of the most powerful ways to optimise your WordPress website and extend its functionality is by using WordPress plugins. There are millions of powerful and free WordPress plugins.

You can use the RankMath WordPress SEO plugin to optimise your content, it offers suggestions based on the best practices and advanced features like AI tools.

SEO-friendly permalinks

There are plugins available that can help you create an XML sitemap for your WordPress website. An XML sitemap lists all the pages and posts of your WordPress website and it helps the search engines quickly find all the content on your website.

WordPress allows you to make SEO-friendly permalinks for your blog pages and posts. Your permalink should have the keyword you use to optimise the page or the post. WordPress allows you to create SEO-friendly URLs that contain the keyword taken from the headline. You can edit them if required. When Google finds the keyword in the URLs it will rank your post for those keywords and it will help your website to rank higher.

Really Simple Syndication

WordPress is a very powerful SEO tool as it has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed built into it. It sends your content to a feed directory with a link pointing to your website. RSS feed allows your readers to subscribe to your feed and receive any updates on the blog.

WordPress also has a pinging system which helps to speed up the indexing process and helps your website rank in the search engines. Use the free Jetpack plugin to use a built-in subscription form widget to capture your subscribers and update them about your new posts.

Website loading speed

It is important to optimise your images and tags for SEO. Website loading speed is a factor in search engine rankings so you should make sure that all your images are optimised for fast loading. Uploading large and unoptimised images can slow down your website.

Use WordPress image compression plugins like Smush or WebP. They help to compress the images without losing quality. This helps to save disk space and boost your rankings.

WordPress Site Kit plugin

You will need to implement Google Analytics (GA4) to measure your SEO. GA gives in-depth information about the traffic and the users of your website. WordPress CMS allows you to easily add code from Google Analytics to your website by using a plugin.

You can use Google Search Console to get data and build an SEO strategy based on the data. It provides a lot of information about how Google sees your website. You can find out about page blocking, broken links, keyword positioning and how your users find your website and the user experience.

The WordPress Site Kit plugin by Google allows you to access data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console from your WordPress dashboard.

excellent technical support

WordPress offers excellent technical support for those who need it. This is useful for beginners who do not have prior experience in blogging. The online WordPress tutorials for beginners provide a step-by-step guide when you set up a blog. For experienced bloggers, there are various WordPress updates and plugins available to help you make your WordPress experience even better.