25 + Top SEO Tools for Content Optimization

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25 + Top SEO Tools for Content Optimization

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There are free and premium SEO tools available that can help you optimise your content. By optimising your content you can get a better visibility for your content through search engines. This will lead to an increased viewership and improved rankings.

There are different types of tools available that help you create SEO-friendly content. They can help you save the time taken to perform the content optimization tasks.

These are the top tools that can help in SEO content writing:

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1. Google Search console

This tool helps you to find out which of your pages are ranking for specific keywords and how many clicks and impressions your pages have got. It can be used to measure the performance of your website. You can find out which content you should optimise and which keyword you should target next.

2. Google Keyword Planner

This is a free tool and is mainly used for keyword research. You can use it to find a list of related keywords along with their search volume. It can be used to find new keywords to target for SEO. It also helps you find which keywords have become popular.


3. WordStream

You just have to input your keyword, your location and select an industry to get a list of keywords along with their search volume. You can also find your Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

4. SEMrush / SEMrush Writing Assistant

This is one of the popular tools and has 40 different tools that help you with SEO, PPC and Social Media management. It can also be used to analyse the performance and the traffic of your website.

SEMrush Writing Assistant can be used to optimise every area of your content. It can be used to make your content more readable, it can tell you if your writing is unclear or too wordy and it can help to make your content more polished.


5. BuzzSumo

This is an analytical tool and can be used to find out what kind of content is being shared across different platforms. You can easily find out the most successful pieces of content. This tool also supports negative keywords to help you find the data you are looking for. It helps you to analyse the trends over the past day, month and year.

6. WooRank

This tool can be used to analyse your SEO strategy and get valuable feedback which can help you to improve your efforts. It can be used to perfect your social media strategy and analyse the online reputation of your website.

online plagiarism checker tool

7. Plagiarism Checker

You can get penalised if the search engine finds that you have stolen content from some other source. You should use an online plagiarism checker tool to avoid any issues. You can easily copy and paste your text in this tool and check it for plagiarism. This will also help to avoid duplicate content issues and improve your rankings.

8. Keyword Density Checker

It is important to use keywords in content but it is also important to avoid keyword stuffing as it can lead to a penalty. This tool can analyse the keyword density of your content and tell you if you have included too many keywords. It helps you to achieve proper keyword density.


9. Grammarly / Grammarly Premium

This tool includes a grammar checker, a spelling checker and an advanced writing assistant. This tool can help you to refine your content until it is ready for publication. It is one of the best grammar checker tools available online.

The premium version has more correction and anti-plagiarism features which help to make your content unique.

10. Social Animal

This tool can help you find the most shared pages on the web that are related to a specific keyword. You can enter a keyword or a search query. By finding which type of content is most successful in your niche you can make your writing reach the same level.

experienced content marketers

11. ProWritingAid

This tool can be used to convert your content into ‘great’ content. It includes grammar checker, spelling checker and gives reports on the words that are overused, length of the sentence and redundancies. It helps to improve the readability of your content.

12. Hemingway App

This app can be used to find out the ways to improve the focus of your content. It is a useful app for casual bloggers as well as experienced content marketers.

google chrome

13. Language Tool

This tool provides accurate proofreading in over 20 languages. Its colour-co guarantee makes it a great tool. With its Google Chrome add-on you can easily get feedback instantly. It is a very useful tool for those creating content in other languages.

14. Ginger

This is an editor tool and this makes it one of the best writing tools. It offers word suggestions and sentence rephrasing which helps the writers to improve their language skills. It can translate over 60 languages.

Google displays Snippets

15. Ludwig Guru

This tool is for those you require higher assistance with their writing. This tool can suggest the right word or phrase when you are looking for the right word. You can find and compare sentence structure using this tool.

16. Answer the Public

This is a free online tool and when you type in a keyword you get an extensive list of questions people have asked on Google using the keyword. Google displays Snippets on some search results and this tool also connects with Snippets. Using this tool you can write target articles which directly answer the questions users type in. This will make it more likely that the articles will be featured in the Snippets.


17. Yoast SEO

This is a WordPress plug-in that can give real-time feedback as you optimise your posts. It acts as a checklist tool that helps you with your on-page SEO tasks for every blog you create. It also provides suggestions for improvement and helps to manage the details of on-page SEO.

18. Read-Able

This tool can be used to make sure that your content is accessible for your target audience. When you paste your content in Read-able it assigns a grade level to it. This grade tells how easy your content is to read and understand. This tool can be used to match the level of writing with the reading level of your target audience in order to provide a good experience. For example, if your audience is college students then it is fine to use long words and complex sentences.

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19. Linkody

You can use this tool to find out which websites have included links to your writing in their content. It can be used to find out what link building strategy your competitor is using. It also tells you who is linking back to your content.

20. Copywritely

This is a writing tool for copywriters. It features a duplicate content checker, readability checker, article rewriter, keyword density checker and more.

analytics options for bloggers

21. Textmetrics

This tool offers analytics options for bloggers, businesses and content marketers. It helps to define the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for your content efforts. Its plug-in feature provides grading based on content quality, page rank and SEO optimization.

22. SEO Tagg

This is one of the best writing tools. It can research and monitor keywords in real-time as you write. It also looks for opportunities with your content to include additional keywords. This is an ideal tool if you are looking to boost your content performance.

multiplatform note-taking app

23. Evernote

This is a multiplatform note-taking app. You can sync notes between two different devices using this app. It offers notebook organisation schemes and text search options.

24. Xtensio

This tool is perfect for start-ups and small businesses. It helps you to collaborate, organise and present documents easily. It offers tons of pre-built templates like Buyer Personas, Sales Sheets, Case Studies, Business Models, Content Strategy and more.

research tasks

25. Topic

This tool can help to reduce your research tasks and improve your content quality. One of its key features is competitor outline analysis which allows you to create an outline for any keyword. It can suggest key topics and questions to answer using AI which can help to beat your competitors. It also has an interactive writing assistant which can help to grade your content and fill in the gaps.


26. Contenteum

This tool helps to research, create, optimise and publish your content for WordPress on one dashboard. It helps to optimise your content efficiently. It has features like creating and using tables, paragraphs, headlines, quotes and images. It also includes plagiarism and grammar checker, scheduling and publishing options and more. It helps to streamline the content marketing process.

27. Prepostseo

This tool can rewrite articles and can create exclusive content which is easy to read and understand. This tool provides article rewriters that can be used to spin old articles. It creates unique content which can help to grab the attention of the readers.