10 Best practices for fast indexing of your website pages

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10 Best practices for fast indexing of your website pages


Search engine indexing and tips for fast indexing of your pages

SERP the website

Websites listed on the internet give a lot of information in seconds and the secret to this fast performance is search indexing. When a page is indexed it means that the search engine has seen your page, evaluated it and remembered it. Therefore it can show the page in the search results.

To be listed in the top positions of the SERP the website goes through a selection process:

1. The first process is called crawling in which the web spiders or bots scan all of the website’s known URLs.
2. Next, the bots collect and store data from the web pages and this is called indexing.
3. The websites can now compete to rank for a specific query.

content information

If you need your website to be found on Google by the users then it has to be indexed. The search engine scans your website to find out what it is about and which type of content it has. If the search engine finds it valuable and competitive then it will store the copies of the pages in the search index. It stores the URL and the content information for each page.

When a user types in a search query the search engine looks through its list of scanned websites and shows only the relevant pages in the SERPs.

Search engines take weeks to index a single page but there are fixes available that can help Google to index your pages rapidly. You can approach SEO experts to implement them.

The most effective ways are as follows:

XML sitemap

1. The XML sitemap is the list of all your pages on your website that the crawlers need to be aware of. An XML sitemap helps to get your website indexed faster with a more efficient crawl rate. Create your sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console. If Google is able to process your sitemap then the status will be ‘Success’.

2. Backlinks are one of the best ways to get Google to index content. Backlinks signal to Google that the content is useful and it is worth getting a top position in the SERP. You should find blogs and resources and get links pointing to your website.

A few ways of getting backlinks are guest blogging, press releases, testimonials and social media. Add links to your pages in social media posts. It is cost-effective and will help to drive more traffic and boost brand awareness and thus improve your SEO.

social signals

3. Google considers social signals like shares, likes and views of social media posts. All of them tell the search engine that the content is meeting the needs of the users and is relevant and authoritative. Therefore you should stay active on social media.

Regularly posting updated content on social channels tells people and Google that your website is active. You can also create sharable content like infographics and more.

The more social buzz around your website the faster it will get indexed.

4. Another way to speed up the indexing of a new page is to use the add URL tools. These tools allow you to request the indexing of URLs. This is available in Google Search Console and Ping Services.

URL inspection tools

5. You can use URL inspection tools to enter your URL to prioritize it. Google crawler will check your URL before any other when you use this tool.

6. The new Google API allows fast indexing. It helps to speed up the automation of the crawling process. In the ‘Manage Services Account’ option add your domain name and activate Google's API.

7. You can update old content to get a higher rank and better indexing. Use keywords in your links and content to enhance your rankings.

Google link

8. When you generate traffic to your content, it tells Google that your content is what the user wants to view. If you do not rank well but generate sufficient traffic to get Google’s attention then it may recrawl your page and gradually your ranks would improve.

9. You can drive traffic using keywords and search links. You can post on Twitter and instead of giving a direct link, you can give a Google link with your keywords. If you make the user click on a link through Google Search then it will help to improve your rankings.

url structure

10. The freshness of your content is also important. When you create content that is fresh and relevant then you have a good chance to improve your rank. For questions like ‘Movies in March 2022’, you will need fresh content.

11. Keep the URL structure for high and low authority pages similar to rank higher. The same URL structure can help you get a better rank.