Online Reputation & Management Services in India

Your website is your online presence on the World Wide Web, and it is absolutely imperative that your web presence be taken care of keeping in mind your online reputation.

We, at Supramind, are fully aware about how your online reputation affects your business and therefore, we provide you the most awesome online reputation services your money can buy.

Don’t believe us, then quickly go through our client list that will help you have faith in our services. We don’t just give you protection, we give you an online reputation that will make your business. Leave it to us to deal with any issue that your website may encounter.


You can have numerous reasons for your website being ignored. But these are the major reasons that you should keep your website tamper free with us.

List of reasons that affect your online reputation:

Negative bloggers will do anything to wreck your website reputation. At Supramind we know all the tricks to keep your website clean of any vicious attacks. We have good online reputation management services that will fill your company with security and confidence that your website is not being accosted by your rivals.

Rip off reports are caused by your rivals or by anyone trying to plague your website so that you lose your reputation. Stop that immediately by our online reputation management services.

Dissatisfied customers can also write negative reviews about your products and services, something that Supramind can help you fight. Leave it to us to retain and maintain your online reputation.

Paid attacks are those that are carried out by your business rivals and enemies. You can gain control on how your website functions now with our social media reputation tricks.

If your former employee has any issues about your company, he/she will try to bring discredit to it. You can employ Supramind to engage in services that stop such malicious acts so that your business stays afloat.

At Supramind Solutions, we follow these steps to make your website survive any online onslaught. We offer you online reputation monitoring services that will focus on the well-being of your web presence so that your competitors don’t break down your business.

1. Monitor the reputation of your business
We regularly monitor the reputation of your business with competent persons and up dated technology to make your website hack proof. In this way, Supramind knows the best practices in business that will keep your website up and running. Reputation protection strengthens and further improves the way your brand is seen online.

2. Remove Negative News from SERP
Any time you get any negative bad blood from your clients or competitors, we remove the negative news from the SERP so that your business doesn’t suffer. With this technology intact, you can rest assured that no one will be able to bring your web site down and no one will affect your towering web presence.

With Supramind’s online reputation services, we can survive any attack that your website encounters, ensuring that your website is up and running in the least possible time.

3. Monitor your website in business listing websites
Whenever your website comes up in listings, it should come amongst the first few listings. If it is not, then it’s the job of Supramind to reassure the client that it will figure in the first few listings of websites that are in the same business as yours.

Rest assured that while you focus on your business, we at Supramind, will take your website security to the next level so that your social media reputation stands unchallenged. When it comes to the reputation of your brand, Supramind is perhaps one of the few who will stand by your stead till the end of time.

4. Monitor reviews from business reviews websites
- For your site to maintain its leadership status, you have to enlist onto business review websites and insist that the reviews your company receives are the best and at the top of their game.
- At Supramind, your online reputation monitoring is fully taken care of, and we monitor all your reviews so that you don’t gain any negative publicity.
- It’s our prerogative to help out so that your company excels in all business reviews online and that it produces first ranking results year after year.
- Not only is Supramind your social media outreach online partner, it is also your well wisher when it comes to ratings, rankings and online business reviews.

5. Monitor your share of voice against your competitors
In order for your business to flourish, you have to provide the maximum voice and space for your website to showcase its products and services. If you’re not visible online, your competitor will gain from the businesses that are supposed to come to you.

We, with Supramind’s online reputation management service, offer you distinctive online social media services and support that will grow your niche business. Without an online presence, you will not gain any useful clients, and in order to showcase your business’ acumen, you have to take the guidance of Supramind’s online reputation services.

6. Email alerts and a user friendly reporting platform
We take care of all your listings and web instances by sending you e-mail alerts constantly about the state of your website and its listing. You also receive a user friendly reporting platform so that you never lose sight of the performance of your website.

When it comes to your share of the web, Supramind makes it a practice to enlist your site in the best rankings so that more and more traffic reaches your site, making it the hottest web presence in your domain. We don’t just create your fab web presence, we promote and sustain it.

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