17 B2B Link Building Strategies for SEO

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17 B2B Link Building Strategies for SEO


B2B marketers can rank better in the search results by implementing an effective link building strategy. B2B link building will help to build authority and brand credibility.

When you get links from websites with a higher domain authority then it will improve the domain authority of your website. The higher the domain authority the higher you will be able to rank for competitive keywords.Once you establish a good domain authority then Google will see your website as valuable and crawl it more often resulting in fast page indexing Link building can also help you gain referral traffic from established websites and this can help you in lead generation.

The Most Effective B2B Link Building Strategies Are As Follows :


One of the ways to build backlinks is Guest Blogging. It can help to build authority and brand visibility. It gives you an opportunity to share your ideas among an established audience. Make a list of authority blogs in your industry. Use SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool to find the most relevant sites that rank for a specific keyword. Next find out how many sites accept Guest Blogs and access the blogs to check if it is worth it.

Check if their domain authority is higher, if they offer ‘dofollow’ links and check if their social sharing is good. Contact the website owners with your content ideas and if approved you can write and submit your blog.


You can check if any of the websites in your niche have broken links. You can reach out their owners and suggest an alternative link to replace the broken link. The alternative link can be one of your pages.

Make a list of websites you want to earn backlinks from. You can do a Google search with your keywords and find the top ranking websites. Analyse the websites for broken links.

Use Ahrefs Broken Link Checker to find all the broken links on a website. You can contact the owners to suggest an alternative link.


Getting interviewed on Podcasts can help you earn backlinks. Many podcasters have websites where they publish transcripts of the podcasts with a guest introduction and you can earn backlinks from here.

Find the podcasts in your niche where you want to be featured on and also it should be the one your target audience is listening to. Find out if they have a website and compare their domain authority.

This is required to get high quality backlinks. Reach out to the hosts and pitch your idea and tell them how you can bring value to the podcast by being their guest.


If your competitors are ranking higher in the search results then they may be doing something better than you. You can replicate it too.
First find all your major competitors. Use SEmrush Keyword Research Tool to find out all the pages that are ranking higher for the keyword you want to rank for. Analyse the backlink profile of these websites.

If the website has a lot of backlinks from the industry blogs then it is well-respected in the industry. If the website has a lot of backlinks from newspapers and magazines then they have invested in PR or sponsored articles.


Create a compelling infographics based on something new related to your niche. Offer quality infographics and in return you can get a backlink to your website.

A ‘Linkable assets’ is a piece of content created especially for acquiring links from other websites. Examples of linkable assets are quizzes, surveys, calculators, interactive videos, games and more.

Use tools like SurveyAnyplace and LeadQuizzes to create surveys and quizzes. Another linkable asset are pages that offer industrial stats.
You can create a page with calculators and guides that your audience might like to use.


Find a list of sites that feature content round-ups and listicles and connect with the editors. You can connect through LinkedIn.

You can publish their content on your social media account before you connect with them. Use Pre-outreach to find what the target blogs want to include in their round-ups.

Help-A-Reporter-Out (HARO) helps to connect the journalists and the bloggers. You can set up a HARO account and subscribe to the journalist queries relevant to your business.

You will get a daily list of topics and a summary of information that they are looking for. If they like your content then they will use it and give you a backlink.


Use images to improve the linkability of your content. Some of the websites can give you a link in return for the image you create from them.

Sometimes site owners use images without adding the source. You can use tools like TInEye or Google Image search to find the list of sites that are using uncited images. Identify such sites and contact their owners to add a link back to your website.


Sometimes websites mention brand names because they like to and they do not think about links. You can find such mentions and convert them into links.

Use tools like Google Alert, Mention and Brand24 to find your brand mentions. Once you have this list you can email them and ask them to update your brand mentions with a link.

Use tools like Pitchbox to find the email addresses for a particular website. You should filter out all the spammy and low domain authority sites.


Google knows that .edu and .gov sites are high authority sites. You can offer scholarships to students to earn quality backlinks. You have to create a scholarship page on your site, create a form and send emails to your list of contacts.

Wikipedia is a good way to get high quality backlinks for relevant blog posts. Check the Wikipedia page that ranks for your keywords for any missing information that you have covered.

If your content adds value to the page then it will stay up. Wikipedia links are ‘nofollow’ but Google views them as valuable.


You can create custom icon packs for your brand and when someone uses these icons you can ask them to link back to your website.
Create a piece of content and search for the main keyword on BuzzStream. Find at least 25 articles on the same topic and use BuzzStream to find the authors. You can send out emails to the authors and ask for a backlink.

You can answer questions on Quora, Reddit and Inbound.org and earn links. Your priority should be to provide the answers and help and not link building.

You can put your content in some answers and if the answer relates to any new post you have created then you can link to it.


You can earn backlinks by sponsoring conferences in the categories like local, industry and target audience. Local sponsorship can help in local SEO, industry conferences can help in building awareness and potential partners and target audience conferences can help to get your brand in front of your audiences. This is the most expensive link building tactic.

B2B marketers use Business Listing websites for research purposes. These websites promote the companies to the outside market. Here the customers can learn about your company.

Backlinks from such platforms can be beneficial as their domain authority is higher and if they are popular in your niche.