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eCommerce SEO Services

ECommerce SEO Services

In a market that is constantly evolving, and a world that is rapidly transitioning to digital, your virtual image is often seen as the identity you want to assume. Contrary to the popular belief that online reputation matters only to businesses that sell on the internet, how you show up on search engines has an impact on the overall brand image you set forth.

SEO is a very useful digital marketing tool that helps you strategically choose who and what you want to be viewed as. When users search for a product or service online, they are more likely to click on the results that appear on the first few search engine page results. By the virtue of ensuring visibility in these top results of a search, SEO helps your brand stand out to the target audience.

This starts with strategies such as using highly searched keywords in the content you put out and expands as widely as refurbishing your brand positioning. Against this backdrop, when you think about the importance of a good SEO strategy for an eCommerce website, its necessity renders itself absolute. At Supramind Digital we assign an experienced eCommerce SEO consultant to your brand who helps you understand your target audience and approach business marketing from all angles. The final goal, of course, is to generate and spread brand recognition with maximum return on investment.

The SEO process works best when it is implemented as a whole. However, as an agency that has worked with a variety of eCommerce businesses, we understand some services need to take precedence over others from time to time. Having a glimpse of the bouquet of eCommerce SEO Services we offer may help you decide the ones that seem more dire in accordance with your marketing goals.

Keyword Research & Identification

Keyword Research & Identification

It is important for your brand to show up when prospects are looking for the products or services you sell, regardless of whether you sell online or offline. This happens when your website works well within the search engine framework. One of the best ways to improve your website SEO ranking is to research and include the right keywords in the content of your website.

Supramind Digital is a specialised eCommerce SEO agency and we have the perfect team that gets to you the keywords that create maximum impact within your budget. We carefully examine and benchmark the content of your competitors, and analyse the latest data so that you don’t miss the opportunity of leveraging high-performing keywords.

You can use this intel we have developed over the years to create high-quality, keyword-rich content that boosts your visibility on the web and helps your prospects reach you effortlessly.

Keyword Implementation

Keyword Implementation

While using the right keywords is crucial in getting a higher rank on search engine page results, readers can notice the difference of a piece that gives prominence to the message and thought being communicated, vis-à-vis content that inorganically plugs keywords just for the sake of it. Where and how you use a keyword makes all the difference on the impact the keywords eventually generate.

While some keywords work well in the product descriptions, others absolutely must find their way to the headline on your homepage. Some can rest well in images, while others need to actively seek consumers by being in the meta-data of your content pieces.

Therefore, when it comes to specialised eCommerce SEO services such as the implementation of keywords in your website, it is always advisable to trust experienced service providers like Supramind Digital

Local SEO

Local SEO

With our local eCommerce SEO services, you can get the desired exposure to your target market while effectively showcasing your website and products to them. At Supramind Digital, these services include optimization to Google My Business listings, link building and site visibility efforts along with identifying the right local keywords to target.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Through the technical SEO services provided by Supramind Digital, you can improve the usability of your site by ironing out basics like your website architecture, design and responsiveness. This helps your business be a hit among the search engines since search engines can index and crawl your website more effectively. Needless to say, this also improves the experience end-users have while making a purchase on your website.

Product page optimization

Product page optimization

It's difficult to think of anything more critical to optimise on an eCommerce website than its product pages. While generic searches should lead customers to your home page, your conversion rates will improve significantly if specific search phrases lead consumers directly to the products they have been looking for.

To make that possible, the keywords you must go for in your product pages should be what we call ‘long tail keywords’ in the SEO language. These are a combination of three to four words that a customer may type in when looking for your product. For example, a ‘black sling bag’ or ‘all-weather crocs’

At Supramind Digital we approach optimization for product pages by conducting thorough research about the product niches you offer and spending time on understanding your target audience closely.

Navigation optimization

Navigation optimization

To understand how one must approach optimizing the journey your customer takes while navigating through your website, one needs to understand the customer psyche when they are looking for products. This helps construct your website in a user-friendly way, which is non-negotiable if you want consumers to not just visit your website, but also buy from it. Additionally, search engines are partial to websites that have better crawlability and are more likely to elevate them to top results.

The eCommerce SEO services by Supramind Digital are designed to supplement buying behaviour through strategies like breadcrumb navigation, logical site structure, and simple titles that lead people right to the product they are looking for.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

The content you put up on your website and other places on the internet is the first interface you have with your clients. If your content is relatable, you leave the impression that you are approachable. If your website pops right up when a user is looking for a product, they know that you have taken the effort of being up-to-date and your products, therefore, are in vogue.

Having the right content that loops in most-searched-for keywords and uses them wittily, is one of the biggest favours you can do to your eCommerce business. However, just this is not enough. There is much more that goes into getting content right. It requires skills and technique along with an insight into the industry.

This is where having an SEO service provider like Supramind Digital can help. We have a multitude of experts who have the collective experience necessary to plan and execute a lucrative content strategy that your brand can leverage from.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

There are many hints that visitors leave when they visit you online. If analysed well, the way consumers behave once they land on your website can speak a lot about the areas that need work. For example, abandoning a cart may mean that they had a better deal on other platforms. High bounce rates may indicate that your site structure needs further simplification. We help optimize your website to the one that has more conversions.

Competitor Auditing

Competitor Auditing

Proactive competition benchmarking is extremely important in an age where the internet is perpetually crowded with options. A healthy awareness of the ecosystem you want to bloom in allows you to remain contemporary while playing better on your strengths. We work as an extended leg of your machinery to get you all the information you need so that you can race ahead of your league, time and again.

Multi-lingual SEO

Multi-lingual SEO

The Internet is evidence that boundaries are merely a human construct. As an eCommerce business, you can easily capitalise on the fact that customers from anywhere in the world can buy from you. Being discoverable in a market other than your own can help you unlock opportunities that otherwise seem inaccessible. We help you optimise your website content in various languages so that you can truly experience what it is to go global while staying local.

eCommerce Expert for All Platforms

ECommerce Expert For All Platforms

The list of eCommerce platforms we’re experienced in optimising for includes Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce, and here is all you need to know about what our eCommerce SEO experts do. Your company will view detailed monthly SEO reports that highlight statistical data, tasks completed, and upcoming tasks scheduled through our weekly and monthly SEO reporting.

Shopify eCommerce SEO Services

Shopify is one of the highly recommended eCommerce platforms, with over 3,600,000 live websites that power online stores worldwide. We work with Shopify as an eCommerce SEO agency and are known for our renowned Shopify SEO services. Our SEO strategists have worked on multiple Shopify websites and helped them to rank better in Google search by focusing on on-page, content strategy and off-page SEO for Shopify websites.


eCommerce SEO for WooCommerce Websites

WooCommerce is a popular plug-in that turns a WordPress website into a fully grown eCommerce platform. WooCommerce is best suited for anyone familiar with WordPress and wants to stay on their platform. It is traditionally used for eCommerce websites with a smaller product catalogue. Our WooCommerce team has both SEO and website design expertise, allowing us to optimise your site multi-dimensionally.

Magento SEO

Magento is the most trusted popular open-source PHP-based eCommerce platform, fueling over 180,000 live websites. At Supramind Digital, we provide excellent Magento SEO services in which our experts quickly implement new content, content changes, and tag modifications such as titles, H1s, and meta-tags. Our Magento SEO experts are aware of the different SEO features available in Magento that help our clients to speed up the implementation of SEO changes and get results faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, we are not a typical agency that provides SEO for eCommerce websites. We are highly focused on what we do and believe in doing our work efficiently. Our claim of quality with results is evidently visible in our partnerships with renowned businesses from a wide variety of industries. Want to know why we are the best option for eCommerce SEO services?

We have over a decade of experience
We have years of experience in the niche of SEO and are quite confident about serving your SEO needs with unrivalled expertise. We've moulded our offerings over and over again to meet the evolution of technology and the subsequent changes that have happened in the eCommerce results. We ensure that our strategies are up to speed with the way in which businesses are moving towards digitization so that our clients get to see the best results. With us, you are never in the dark about what is going on with your eCommerce website SEO plans and the results it is generating

We have an unparalleled team of experts
Our teams, along with their experience and expertise, bring a customer-first approach to the table. By assigning responsible eCommerce SEO consultants to your project, we ascertain that your business is treated like our own and your customers have all they need to get to your website and stay long enough for your products to lure them into a purchase.
Our tailored eCommerce SEO services are intended to help your company dominate the eCommerce market in any and all domains and make it to the top of the search results. Our experts work no less to make your firm achieve greater heights. Be it revenue or ranking, we have the most trusted group of experts to make your product stand in the market.

We maintain complete transparency for our clients
At Supramind Digital, we take a problem-solving approach to SEO. The current status and place of your brand on search engines are properly accessed, which is followed by setting out specific goals that should be achieved by the SEO. This is a step-by-step breakdown of the progress we plan to achieve, which is later mapped back to the real-time statistics of your website performance. These processes are designed to give you an exact sense of how the strategies are working.

Our e-Commerce SEO services are personalised to you!
We are highly focused on the needs of your firm. We provide personalised eCommerce SEO services to make it easier for your website to attract the target audience. We do keyword research and finalize the ones your target audience is more likely to use while searching for your products. We also help you with designing a personalised ideal buyer persona to ensure we have the right audience in mind to begin our eCommerce SEO journey.

Our SEO and Activity reports are easy to comprehend
Our customer servicing process offers an advantage of access to detailed monthly reports that highlight essential KPI metrics such as organic traffic, visitor behaviour, and conversions. Our eCommerce clients receive comprehensive analyses of organic revenue and other eCommerce-specific KPIs. Our team can further tailor reports to your specific analytical requirements.
Weekly and monthly activities carried out to achieve keyword rankings are also included in the monthly reports and weekly update reports.
To wrap things up, it is important to know that e-commerce SEO services qualify the leads that visit your website, which ultimately results in increased sales and money for your business. Supramind Digital sets this journey right for you.

As we move towards a digital future, SEO is not just important, it is mandatory.

Optimization of your website content to popular phrases that people look for when looking for your product/service, can increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, resulting in increased online visibility.

This improves the reputation of your brand and builds customer trust.

Additionally, close monitoring of people who reach out to your website once you kickstart your optimization efforts can also help you understand your audience better. This helps create a positive loop, as you can funnel the content to eventually let most performing pieces stick, while slowly reducing investment on generic content that is merely staged on your website without any engagement.

SEO also helps businesses provide the right signals to search engine algorithms and crawlers, so that website performance improves sustainably, for the long term.

Now if a marketing tool promises more people knowing about you and allows you to know about your potential customers, all at minimal cost, why would you say no?

Yes, we do. Google's algorithm constantly updates to factor the user experience of pages for website ranking and SEO. Elements like Core Web Vitals, safe browsing, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, and non-intrusive interstitials will determine the overall experience of a user with your page. The first step to improving our website speed is reducing and optimising JavaScript execution. Administrators can also implement lazy loading without harming Core Web Vital scores.

Another method to improve site speed is optimising and compressing images to improve loading speed and ranking on search engines. You can also activate a content delivery network (CDN) to store your images.

Supramind Digital can help by providing recommendations to improve website speed and Google Core Web Vitals by optimising your database, removing unnecessary plugins, enhancing your website navigation, and removing distracting ads or banners. Since websites rely on ads scripts, we check if they hinder your website performance and provide solutions so that your website is up to speed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for e-commerce businesses because it helps business websites to show on top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) whenever the ideal customer searches for similar products or services online. A viable and well-rounded eCommerce SEO strategy is non-negotiable if e-commerce businesses want to attract quality traffic.

Organic traffic comes when your target audience can find your web pages displayed on top of the first page of the search engines. Then, once these ideal customers click on your pages, you have to hold their attention on your landing page. This happens when the content on your website is well connected, and the channel to reach a product or service is simple.

As eCommerce SEO experts, Supramind Digital helps you place yourself in the mind of your customers and optimise your website that easily climbs up the ranks on a search engine. Through a relevant placement of high-volume and long-tail keywords in your website content, we guide increased discoverability of your brand on the web.

Search engine optimization for E-Commerce platforms is not optional. Internet searches have become a standard part of the consumer purchase journey. It is critical to reach your customers looking for products you offer.

Search engine optimization is critical for your customers to find you on the internet. 89% of customers use search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to make their purchase decisions. It is also a cost-effective method to improve your company's bottom line without investing the budget in advertising. Instead, you can allocate your resources and time into building an SEO strategy that will keep attracting potential customers through organic methods for years to come. Also, you can employ analytical tools to understand where most of your traffic and conversations are coming and in turn invest more in providing content and support for those customers.

Unlike paid digital marketing, a solid SEO strategy will provide an e-Commerce platform with long-term effects. This is especially true if your eCommerce platform provides goods in a competitive niche. Organic traffic is a more cost-effective option than paid advertising. SEO is a significant investment that delivers targeted, cost-effective, long-term, and measurable results.

SEO Benefits for Ecommerce:

  1. Filling the marketing funnel
    Through SEO, companies can fill the traditional marketing funnel — awareness, interest, desire, and action. SEO plays a crucial role in driving lower-cost top-of-funnel traffic at the awareness stage.

  2. Elevating content
    It always helps businesses to fuel their content with keywords that have a high transaction intent. One has to add value to all content forms such as buyers' guides, blog posts, and how-to articles. Content optimization efforts can yield notable increases in traffic at little to no cost.

  3. Creating lasting value
    SEO is a long-term investment. Unlike advertising, it won't stop driving results when the campaign ends.

  4. Remarketing audiences
    Once customers land on your site through organic search, you can place cookies for remarketing campaigns. This will help your paid marketing effort by exposing your website visitors to display ads after leaving your site and continuing their journeys. The more customers visit your site, the larger your remarketing audiences will be.

  5. Capturing long-tail keywords
    15% of search queries are new for Google. These unrecognised one-time phrases make up part of the long-tail keywords, which comprises queries that individually drive a handful of searches but in the aggregate represent nearly 40% of the total. Long-tail phrases will help e-commerce companies convert at a higher rate than other keywords.

  6. Improving the user experience
    Proving excellent user experience drives conversions is one of the most underrated advantages of a well-implemented SEO strategy. SEO helps e-commerce companies understand shoppers and their search intent, thus optimising your site's usability.

  7. Getting Quantifiable Results
    The best thing about implementing an SEO strategy is having the room to know its impact measurably.
    Optimization efforts show their results in ways like better traffic to your website, better leads, and more conversion of prospects to customers. Good SEO also sometimes leads to more engagement on your social channels, in turn leading to a better brand reputation.

The answer to this question can’t be given in isolation. The amount of money you spend on your eCommerce SEO strategy and implementation needs to be seen in the context of the results generated. You should avoid agencies that offer black hat techniques or concepts since they will lower your search engine ranking instead of increasing it.

Effective eCommerce SEO has different pricing models such as monthly cost or per-project rate. The cost of eCommerce SEO also depends on the included services such as keyword research, on-site optimization, content editing and optimization, internal link building, meta tag creation, strategy description, etc. The cost will also depend on the type of company you hire. Good SEO service providers offer customised services that help you tailor cut your strategy to your specific requirements while improving your search engine rankings overall.

You may have to pay more if your website has multiple pages, and you need to improve the SEO of numerous product listings or service pages. The cost will also depend on how many keywords you wish to target and also on how many links your website will need to start ranking well. Most agencies work on a standard monthly fee, and the best way to see if your agency is effective is to try them out for a period of six months to a year.

The term "e-commerce" is an acronym for "electronic commerce." E-commerce is the process of buying, selling, trading, ordering, and paying for goods and services over the internet. In e-commerce, sellers communicate and transact with the buyer without meeting them face to face. Online processes like banking, shopping, ticket booking, social networking, etc., are just a few examples. An online website or mobile application is the most basic requirement for e-commerce. Social media and the internet are used for marketing, advertising, selling, and conducting transactions. E-commerce refers to any money transaction carried out through electronic media. B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B are the different types of e-commerce.

Electronic business, or e-business, refers to performing all company businesses online. Unlike e-commerce, e-business is not limited to commercial transactions. Instead, it also includes other activities like customer education, procurement of raw materials/goods, buying and selling a product, monetary transactions, etc., over the internet.

Today, as corporations constantly rethink their businesses in the backdrop of the internet's reach, availability, and its ever-changing capabilities -- they prefer conducting e-business to collaborate on sales promotions, purchase parts and supplies from other companies, and conduct joint research. In the past few decades, there has been an enormous growth of the e-business concept, giving rise to new business requirements. Consumers expect personalised, speedy, and secure experiences and interactions. New laws have been initiated to keep electronic data secure on the regulatory front.

It depends on various factors. The search engine ranking does not improve overnight. But we can say, on average, four to six months is when you'll get to see the results by improving your overall digital marketing strategy. And, this doesn't mean your website will get a position on the first page only based on targeting keywords. It primarily depends on your competition and the volume of inbound links. Having fewer, high-quality backlinks from websites with good rankings will have a more significant impact on SERPs than plenty of low-quality links from irrelevant websites.

Getting visitors to your website is not enough. Your website content must also be relevant. It should involve short- and long-tail keywords, proper header tags, title tags, and internal links. Also, the content should be optimised for voice search and featured snippets. Targeting keywords alone cannot help you achieve your goal. The speed of the site also matters. The faster the site loads, the better the user's experience and the ranking.

Optimising an eCommerce website's product pages has become crucial, especially since the pandemic. During the COVID19 pandemic, consumers have shifted towards online platforms to buy essential and all types of products. And, to draw people's attention to your product page, you need to implement a robust eCommerce SEO strategy. You can start by including product-focused keywords on your page, which users are more likely to use in the searching phase. Also, ensure that your product pages have all the necessary information about the product, i.e., name, brand, model number, etc.

As products on an eCommerce website are seen digitally and users cannot touch them, including high-quality images/videos to give a holistic purview of your product can go a long way in helping browsers make a purchase decision. We also optimise titles and meta descriptions and minimise page load times. In addition, we audit your product pages for technical issues like duplicate title tags and meta descriptions, thin content, slow page load times, broken links, 404 pages, and 302 redirects.

Search engine rankings are not permanent, and they change every day. If one brand on the top starts lagging and the comparators continuously keep improving their website SEO, the competitors will take over search engine rankings in no time. Search engine ranking is a competitive market, and there is little clarification around the rules that impact the rankings.

E-Commerce platforms must diagnose the problems before the minor issues turn into a more significant problem and start affecting keyword rankings. We've created a brief checklist to help you with your eCommerce SEO efforts.

  1. What are the most relevant keywords?
    There are multiple steps involved in figuring out the right keywords, matching search intent, and correctly using them throughout your website. You should ensure that the keywords match your target audience and your product during research.

  2. Is my platform easy to navigate?
    Your website design should be user-friendly and have proper navigation for all categories. It would be best to optimise all pages for site speed, media, and meta descriptions.

  3. Are my product descriptions accurate?
    Even if E-Commerce platforms attract paid or organic traffic to the website, brief product descriptions will cause inconvenience and increase bounce rate.

  4. Can search engines find, crawl, index, and rank your site?
    Start by adding an XML sitemap to see how search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo see the website you are trying to rank. With this, you can focus on the search appearance section to provide insights into snippets, site links, title, search within site, event rich snippets, breadcrumbs, and URL.

Next, you can use the crawl error report to get insights into issues preventing search engine bots from crawling your website. The next step is to check index reports that provide a list of pages from your website that search engines have indexed.

Apart from this, paid search engine marketing can also help in the publicity of your eCommerce website. Adding SEM efforts with search engine optimization (SEO) can, on the other hand, take your website's reach to the next level. It is critical to optimise your site and website structure before starting a new site or updating an existing one.

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